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About Us

It all started with an act of desperation

The origins

In an attempt to help my new born babies skin rash, I made my first ever bar of soap in a little Rama tub. Not only did it fix my baby’s problem, but I fell madly in love with the ancient art of soap making.

Pretty soon the kitchen turned in to a chemistry lab and I got to give family and friends the most unique gifts. Not long after that, the gifts turned into orders and every day a little stone was laid in the foundation of what I get to call my business today.

New heights!

In 2020 the world got shut down due to covid-19 and many livelihoods were affected. It was during this time that we grew with 60% because of an all trade policy at the time to help strengthen and empower our community and our selves.

We are ever grateful to our local community and will always remember the power of standing together and supporting local!

Leap of faith

After making soap part time for 3 years, I were in the most fortunate position to live out my life passion and do my dream job full time.

Every day I get to wake up and live with passion, love, a thankful heart and create the most amazing soap!

Our Company

For us its pretty simple. We aim to be as Natural, Local and plastic free as possible

We are a Cape Town based Artisan soap company that is owner run. Our master creator, Delise Saunderson creates 100% natural soap based on traditional methods and recipes (amongst other natural body spoils). We are a solution driven company that always strives to find solutions for problems in the most natural, beautiful way possible.

We aim to be as local as possible! That is from packaging to ingredients. We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We use as little plastic as we possibly can, therefor we use only paper, reusable glass and natural materials like cotton etc.

We have branched out to the United Kingdom were other South Africans get to wave the flag high and proud.

We believe in building community and are always trying to make use of our local community when it comes to sourcing, production and collaborating. 

Our Team

Our team currently consists of two creators in both South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Delise Saunderson

Owner, Founder & Master creator

Sunette Kunneke

UK creator

When skincare meets art!

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