Delise Saunderson

Owner & Master Creator

Delise created her 1st bar of soap in 2017 out of utmost desperation to help her new born baby's skin condition. From a hobby to a side hustle, to a wlak-in shop. She bootstrapped KIAPANANDE to the amazing business it is, and today she creates products for her own business as well as other brands from a place of absolute passion. She finds joy in uplifting, inspiring and giving back to the community.


Andrew Saunderson

Operations manager & Client liaison

Andrew officially joined the business in October 2021. Though he has been a major contributor from the start and always supported his wife's dreams. Today he adds incredible value to the business with his Operations management back ground and makes sure KIAPANANDE runs smoothly with well implemented systems and processes. He is also an apprentice soap maker and falls in love with the art daily.


Kira Saunderson

Shop assistant

Kira is the oldest sibling of the household. She is the one who came up with the business name and the one who outsells her mother, hehe. She is a vibrant & intelligent 15 year old and has extensive knowledge about all the products in store.


We're NOT Plastic!

And we are extremely proud of it!

All our products are packed in reusable glass and or biodegradable material. We proudly carry the I'M NOT PLASTIC trademark

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At KIAPANANDE we some core believes that has been our foundation blocks from day one.

1. Be as local as possible We do our very best to source all of our ingredients, packaging, equipment, and services from local South-Africans.

2. No Plastic This has proven to be especially difficult, and has challenged us to be extra creative. But it is a fight we love and will continue to fight, believing that we lead by example and show our community that positive change can come from every one, no matter what you do.

3. All Natural None of our products contain any artificial Colorants, scents, or preservatives. We make use of herbs, spices, botanicals, clays, oxides and essential oils. We don't use any water in our products, and therefor we don't uses any preservatives.

4. Giving back


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